Open positions


Please provide a CV to moc.cetnayn@boj with a list of relevant skills, education and previous job experience. Do not include any photographs or personal information that is not relevant to the position, such as age, sex, gender, ethnicity or civil status.

Interview process

If we think that your skill set and experience are a match, we will invite you to a personal interview where you will have the opportunity to get to know the work environment and discuss mutual expectations.

Depending on the position we may give you a small task to solve at home or invite you for a day of trial work. Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Workplace culture

We value creativity, intellectual rigour, mutual respect and a genuine commitment to improving the world we live in.

We strive to create a workplace that is safe for everyone and do not tolerate discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual identity, or disability. We consider ourselves queer‐friendly and trans‐inclusive, and are experienced in meeting the needs of colleagues with ADHD and autism spectrum disorders.

Material benefits

  • Flexible work hours with strictly no unpaid overtime
  • Paid educational leave and conference budget
  • Subsidised public transport ticket
  • Subsidised bicycle leasing
  • Extensive health promotion programme